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King Arthur

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Peckover Walk

"King Arthur - Tales from the Table"

the medieval legend in ballads, songs and dances

- of Tristan und Isolde and the love potion they unwittingly drank
- of Sir Gawain, who out of loyalty and love for his King married the ugly old woman
- of the love between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere, which was so powerful that it destroyed an empire

No story is as beloved as that of King Arthur and his knights. One gets a momentary glimpse into the underworld and sees heaven and hell fighting over the human heart...

And when the Early Folk Band, reknowned for their unconventional and earthy performances of ancient ballads, songs and dances, turn to this material then we can be sure that this will be no academic presentation of music of long ago. Flirting, loving, laughing, crying - this programme has all this and more. Comedian Steve Player plays a very convincing ugly old woman and vies with virtuoso instrumentalist Ian Harrison in a stick fight. The Swedish singer and harp player Miriam Andersén tells of the joys and pain of love, while fiddle player Susanne Ansorg and multi-instrumentalist Gesine Bänfer impress one not only with their virtuoso musicianship, but also with their polyphonic vocal arrangements of these ancient pieces of world literature.

Miriam Andersén - Voice, harp, bones
Gesine Bänfer - Northumbrian bagpipes, whistle, dulcimer, cittern, frame drums
Ian Harrison - Northumbrian bagpipes, harp, whistle, cornett
Susanne Ansorg - Fiddle, tambourine
Steven Player - Renaissance guitar, dance


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