Robin Hood
King Arthur
Cold and Raw


Whoopee! - THE EARLY FOLK BAND goes America!!!



Folk ballads from the Old World weave tales of distant countries
- from the mysteries of the sea to King Arthur and Robin Hood…

In June 2019 Ian, Gesine and Steven of The Early Folk Band will be joining musicians from Cleveland's brilliant baroque orchestra >>>Apollo's Fire in a series of concerts in Ohio. We are looking forward to it immensely.



Christmas always comes around so soon!!!

cold and raw

Live recording from the SWR concert Hall, Freiburg, Germany

COLD AND RAW THE NORTHWIND BLOWS: the Early Folk Band has at last recorded its famous programme of Christmas ballads, winter songs and virtuoso folk tunes from the British Isles. Order now to receive the CD gift-wrapped and delivered free by the first of December 2019. Simply fill in the >>>contact form on our office website.


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